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"My daughters (5 and 6) came home from a camp they spent without their parents two weeks ago. Since then they sing "Megy a gőzös, megy a gőzös Toplicára..." many times a day :) Thank you for so many positive experiences on their behalf, and for the fact that even after 2 weeks they still have something to say about the camp. Thank you for the cozy atmosphere they had there and for the fact that they learned skiing and also grew very fond of it! Congratulations to the instructors, you did an excellent job! They still constantly mention Gergő and show the diplomas they got to everybody with great pride. Oh, and please tell us the secret of the tea you make in the Farkas Lak, because for 2 weeks I have been trying to make “such delicious tea that they drank in the ski camp”, but with no success! :))) I wish good luck in your work and camps with great experiences! "

Szabó Emese